A look at the things we can offer for you, a solution that will fit your IT needs.
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Photography has always been a part of us, the founders, even before starting Mind Invention. This evolved to a love of the art of photography; we have our own studio and team to do photos for products, locations and environments that will fit the needs of every client.


We at Mind Invention have designed, built and implemented hundreds of websites, from the banking sector, to insurance, to food and production. We have developed custom made sites as well as wordpress-enabled sites, and invite you to take a look at our portfolio to see what we can create for you.


E-commerce remains one of the fastest growing business models in the market today, and at Mind Invention we are prepared to design and develop one for you. From choosing the products to sell, the steps required to generate sales and to how you receive your funds; we will help you every step of the way.

Application Programming

With our software partners we can custom create any sort of software solution that may be required, such as POS systems, mobile phone apps, warehousing/supply and inventory solutions.


We also have hosting solutions for websites, web applications and online cloud storages, which we partner with Vodien Singapore for their premium cloud-based server parks in Singapore and around Asia. Contact us for more information so that we can offer you a comprehensive IT solution.